About us

Our goal is to archieve best software and technical support to radio stations that need software automation.


Our target group is small and medium markets that need a stable system with lots of capabilities and in low cost. JAZLER Software is a company created at 1992.

One of the best advantages of Jazler radio automation is that it is programmed by people who know how a radio station and a radio producer works.

The stations managed by Jazler software are BETA testers too. Thats how we accomplish less bugs and greater productivity.

Our target is to give you the best after sales service and all our customers to be satisfied with our products. Our phone line and e-mail is allways accessible to anyone that has new ideas or suggestions.


Jazler Software development is one of the best radio automation software companies in Greece and Cyprus with thousands of radio stations trusting Jazler for their daily program. Driven by the needs of our customers, our products satisfy every professional and synchronize with all the changes of technology these days.


We offer the best and cost-effective solutions possible so customers can trust us and know that they can rely on us. This is the best advertisment for our company. With this, we know that we can have a great success in the international market.


Programmers team:
Software Architect: Chris Valasellis


Head of Technical Support
Nick Giassakis


Support Team

Stella Liakatelli
Nikos Milonas
Theodore Hatzimitros


Internal Beta Testing Team:
George Anastasiou
Dimitris Vlahakis
Helton Minardi
Cleiton Araujo


Internet Programming
Kostas Tzilas