Why choose us?

24hour phone support
This is one of Jazlers big front step! We never forget you after sales! 24/7 our representatives are available to help you to every problem or question. We can advice you to have the best out of our application.


Automatic setup & adjustment
on your computer in minutes You just have to run the setup program and wait for a minute or two. Jazler will be installed and configured optimally for your system.


Frequent updates!
You can download updates of JazlerRadio frequently. Registered users get the updates for free. New updates have bug fixes and new features. Unlike other programs, every new update needs fewer resources because of the new technologies we are using on the new structure of JazlerRadio.


Non-stop 24hour play!
Our last crash test brought the results of 130 days non-stop playing on a P4/RAM512MB/XP system. The crash test was interrupted though because of an accidental power failure. All of our clients are very happy with Jazler because they know that it is a fully walk away system. Jazler can play non stop for lots of days if your system is configured correctly.

Easy & Friendly
The studio screen is designed for easy use and can be learned very quickly. Has big buttons for two reasons.
1) So you don't make mistakes and
2) For easy access if you have a touch-screen.


Minimum Requirements
The smaller machine Jazler was tested, was a P4/RAM512MB/XP. For professional use though, we recommend a 3GHz Machine with 2GB ram and a hard disk of at least 500GB

Runs under XP, Vista, Seven, 8