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Jazler VideoStar in action
What is JAYZEE?

JAYZEE is supposed to be a local music tv channel running by JazlerVideoStar2. The program you see is inteded to show you some of the capabilities of JazlerVideoStar. Below we will briefly explain how most of the things you see are accomplished, as simple as possible. JAYZEE is supposed to be a local music tv channel, playing the latest international video hits. Every half hour (xx:25 and xx:55) it plays a classic videoclip (before 2010). At the top of the half hours (xx:00 and xx:30) you will see commercials, station trailers, upcoming videoclips announcement. Every two songs a bumper of the channel is played. The channel is mostly Greek language but all video-clips are international hits.

What are the HARDWARE specifications of this computer?

WHAT YOU SEE IS ONLY ONE COMPUTER, WITHOUT ANY OTHER ADDITIONAL EXTERNAL HARDWARE! JAYZEE is running on an Intel i7 processor, with 8GB ram, 2 hard drives (500gb for the system and 1TB for the media). It also has TWO BlackMagic Decklink SDI video cards. One is for playback, and the other is for capturing the output video, via Adobe Flash Media Live Encoder 3.2. The ouput card is connected to the input card with a small BNC wire.


The videos you see are original 1080p mp4 videos mostly downloaded from youtube. The classic videos are older 4:3 mpeg2 videos (.mpg) encoded in PAL format. Jazler will upscale them to 1080p stretching them to the whole screen. You can also adjust Jazler to either keep aspect ratio and show them cropped or letterbox. Most bumpers and commercials are 1080i H.264 format (mp4) videos.


Jazler has an embeded video graphics engine, capable of playing titles, logos and animations. Everything can be edited by the Jazler Graphics Timeline Editor (JazlerGTE). An easy to use interface where you can group an place your graphics, edit their placement on the screen, their transitions and duration. Many screenshots of JazlerGTE are shown below.

Eding logo on Graphics Editor
Jayzee logo

The logo of JAYZEE is placed on the top left-hand side of the screen (as most European channels do). You will notice that the logo is not static. It is an animation where the logo spins around every minute or so. This is accomplished with an image sequence. In a folder we have all the frames of the logo animation (we produced this with 3D Studio max and Adobe After Effects).

Image sequence

The image when it shows, Jazler starts playing the image sequence and loops it infinite as long as the logo is visible. You can also adjust the program to play the loop once and stay at the last frame as long it is visible. We have also adjusted the program to show the logo while video-clips are playing only. The jayzee logo dissapears while bumpers or commercials are playing. For demo purposes we also have placed the current local temperature and time underneath the logo. These are dynamically updated texts. You just set the text type to be date/time (located in the text properties under the designer screen) and write the time format. In this case it is HH:mm.

Image sequence as logo
Image sequence as logo Image sequence as logo
Video clip titles

JAYZEE shows videoclip titles 10 seconds after a videoclip has started and again, 20 seconds before the videoclip ends. The durations (title placement in the video-clip, title duration etc) are 100% adjustable at milliseconds precision. In JAYZEE we have chosen to show the initial videoclip title with an imagesequence as a background and titles overlaying it. The image-sequence can also be transparent, making it possible for multiple effects overlaying the video playing. As you might understand, VR_ARTIST_NOW and VR_TITLE_NOW are key phrases so Jazler will replace them with the current Artist and Title of the videoclip playing. For each element you can edit its transition duration and effect. Here we have selected the VR_ARTIST_NOW text and we can see that its in and out transitions are Blur-X (you have many choices like Fade, Slide etc). The transition duration is 500ms (half second), and it will start showing 1100ms (1.1sec) after the imagesequence (background) appears.

Videoclips titles
Coming up next title

Every other videoclip, we also show the coming up next title. This shows in the middle of the video-clip. Again, VR_ARTIST_NEXT1 is a Jazler keyphrase that will make Jazler replace it with the first announcable video in the playlist. The same applies for the title. NEXT1 can also be NEXT2 or NEXT3 etc showing the next respected videos. This is how it will be shown on the output of Jazler.

Image sequence as logo Image sequence as logo

Jazler VideoStar has its own Graphic Timeline Editor

Original video
Graphic Timeline Editor

Design your own graphics as you want and import them on the Graphics Editor. Create templates and categories in order to group them as you want and assign them easily on video clips, spots, bumpers, events. Arrange them, as you want on the screen according to safe frame and specify their own in and out transitions.

  • Video Clip Graphics
  • Logo
  • Tickers / Crawlers
Spot showing the coming up next videos

This is a mix of video and Jazler graphics. The video basically provides the intro and the background audio and video, and Jazler shows dynamically the overlying titles announcing the next video-clips. This can also be done with whatever you want (like shows etc). In JazlerGTE (Graphics Timeline Editor) we create a graphic template with the titles that will overlay the video. As we have already measured the durations, the first title on the video must appear 2.5 seconds after the video starts, so at the position offset of the timeline we put 2500(ms). In the timeline compositions you see that there are three cards that will show sequentally, each with about 5.5 seconds duration) announcing the next three songs in the playlist.

Graphic for next artist - title
Next Videos Announcement > BEFORE - AFTER
Attach the graphic to the video

In jazler spots, we program the video to play every half hour, and then we go to the Timeline Templates. We select that the graphic "SUPERNEXT" will be attatched to this video. Everytime this video plays, the graphics overlaying it will play too.

Graphic for next artist - title
Attaching the video clip logos (world hits) and titles on runtime

Ok, but how does Jazler know where to attach a graphic in auto program? This is accomplished in the auto scheduler. Next to the category you want to play in the scheduled clock, you can attatch whatever graphics you want to overlay them. You can attach as many as you want. You will also notice that the schedule broadcasts a different category of bumpers each time, and that videoclips are seperated to two different categories (A LIST and B LIST), where B LIST plays much less as it is consisted of older hits.

Graphic for next artist - title
video rating
Associate every video clip with a rating

Each video has a parental guidance category, so you can show automatically with the associated video. In JAYZEE's case, we have put this in movie trailers that play at the top of the hour. This is the parental guide logo "Suitable over 15" set by the Greek government. You are able to create as many parental guide templates as you want, and assosiate them with your videos.

System requirements

  • OS: Microsoft Windows 7 or 8 or 10, Microsoft .net Framework 4.5
  • CPU: Intel i7 (for HD video), i5, Quad or Duo (for SD video) (If the same computer will be encoding to the internet, i7 is preferred for whatever format)
  • RAM: DDR3 4GB or more
  • Video card: DirectX 9 compatible (for jazler preview windows only) with the latest version of drivers
  • Motherboard: Gigabyte GA-Z77X-UD5H motherboard or similar.
  • Hard drive: SSD or RAID (250 MB/s) for uncompressed HD video. At least 100MB/s for compressed HD. Do not use green hard disks.
  • Works only with Blackmagic Design Intensity Pro, DeckLink Mini Monitor, Decklink Mini Reocorder, DeckLink Studio 2. These cards has been tested without any issues. As soon as we have another card tested we will update this list.


  • Supported Outputs: SDI, HDMI, COMPOSITE VIDEO, S-VIDEO
  • Supported Resolutions: PAL & NTSC (4:3 AND 16:9), 720p, 1080p, 2K, 4K, 3D
  • Video Files Supported: H.264(MP4),MKV,MPEG2(MPG),UNCOMPRESSED AVI,MKV,WMV