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Full RadioStation pack! 2 Jazler RadioStar with SpyCorder and JazlerShow only 800€

Get 2 RadioStar licenses for your playout system, SpyCOrder to stream and record your station and JazlerShow2 to have hundrends instants and sound effects to play with.

Jazler VideoStar 2    


Please contact us to request an offer for a Jazler VideoStar license. Please send us your contact details and as soon as possible we will reply to you

Request offer
Jazler RadioStar 2    

NOTE: Users of Jazler RadioStar 1 do not need to purchase a license.
RS2 is TOTALLY FREE for RS1 registered users!


Supports unlimited workstations. All features available.
Includes 1 HASP USB Hardware unlock key*

*With this purchase you will be able to fully operate one studio playout computer. You can change computers whenever you want, just by trasferring the HASP USB key to the new computer

Prices for a new
standalone license:

€ 450

Jazler 24    
Includes license for 3 installations. Cannot play sweepers, music packets, playlists and commercials. Does not support RDS, Internet Updater and rebroadcast. € 75



Includes 4 permanent activations. You lose an activation if you format your computer.

€ 99




Jazler SpyCorder 2    

Includes 4 permanent activations. You lose an activation if you format your computer.

€ 99





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