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Buyer’s Guide to Jazler Full RadioStation Pack


Jazler SOHO do not work with unlock serial numbers, you will have to receive the package of Jazler in order to start operating the full package. The package contains the installation USB HASP Unlock Keys.

Upon purchasing, you will receive a confirmation e-mail from our automated server where it will also indicate the address where we will send you the software package.

Purchase with a credit card:

As the transaction completes you receive an automated email with username and password for your account on services.jazler.com .

Delivery And Dispatch (Only for SOHO)

Package and dispatch takes 2-3 working days and is sent with courier services. Delivery differs from country to country and can take up to 15 working days in worst cases.


You are able to operate the studio application of Jazler SOHO on one machine. The workstation application of Jazler can be installed in unlimited computers without a HASP key or extra license. Each license of Jazler includes ONE Hasp key. You cannot purchase a second key for an existing license. You have to purchase an extra license that includes one hasp key again. SpyCorder and JazlerShow work with activation codes. For each program you will get 4 permanent activations. You lose an activation if you format your computer.


To be clear, from experience until now, LOSING your USB HASP KEY or having it STOLEN is exactly like losing the software. There is NO REPLACEMENT for LOST or STOLEN HASP KEYS. Replacement can occur only if for some reason your HASP key was damaged. Damaged HASP keys are sent to Jazler Software for inspection and replacement with a small charge.

Support Information

Technical support is given only for the version currently published and only to subscribed customers for SOHO. If your version is older than the one we are currently publishing, you are advised to download the latest version and install it because it might solve your problem.

You can e-mail us at support@jazler.com or call us directly at +30 22510 37004 office days/hours in Greek time zone (GMT+2).

Limited Warranty

Since the publish date and for the next 3-6 months, the program might be defective in some sections and not operate normally causing mostly small problems. Jazler software programmers are working daily to fix all problems and will provide you help and software updates as quickly as possible to overcome unexpected bugs that might be introduced by the software. Please remember that lots of problems could be caused by your operating system, other programs or defective hardware. JAZLER SOFTWARE WILL NOT TAKE ANY RESPONSIBILITY FOR ANY DAMAGES CAUSED ON YOUR COMPUTERS OR COMPANY FROM THE USE OF ITS SOFTWARE.

Purchase Link

If you agree with the above, then the link below will redirect you to secure MyCommerce’s servers so you can make your purchase. In these pages, you can select the way you want to purchase (Credit Card, Wire Transfer etc) and you will also be able to print down any necessary documents for proof of purchase, like invoices and receipts.

MyCommerce is a well known – most reliable company that collects your payment securely in many ways and transfers it to us. Upon purchase, MyCommerce will notify us about your purchase and our personnel will take care of the dispatch and registration. The prices of Jazler are in EUROS; you will be able to see today’s price of Jazler in your currency once you go to the order page. Also. it is required to submit your telephone number for the couriers services.

Purchase Jazler SOHO With TWO Hasp Keys and SpyCorder and JazlerShow – 1737 EURO

Thank you for selecting Jazler.

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