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Hundreds of radio stations use JazlerShow! because it's reliable, fast and easy to use.


Features to start

The Sequence System with multiple sound card outputs

Pressing the sequence buttons, all jingles collected will play one after another in a mix. Now jazlerShow2 has 2 sequence playlists that can also output to different soundcards!

Default Loop, Mix-Fade settings for every button

jazlerShow2 lets you save default settings for every audio file. You can loop, mix-fade or not let a specific jingle to re-play while playing!

Automatically finds broken audio files!

Now you never have to check again if an audio file is there (mistakenly removed). jazlerShow2 checks everytime you change from one palette to another, if all corresponding audio files are present and alerts you if not!

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Why use JazlerShow

All jingles in one place

Quick response!

jazlerShow2 is one of the fastest programs in the world! The playback delay cannot be recognized by a human ear. With jazlerShow2 you are sure that your jingle will be on air on time!

Sound mix and crossfade !

You can play up to 6 audio files at the same time. By pressing the mix-fade button you can crossfade from one audio file to another. This usually is needed when we use a musical bed and we want to stop it for a jingle/outro sound.

Remembers what aired!

We added a new optional "check" button that adds a green glowing check icon on the button, that reminds you if you played the specific file.

  • CPU:2GhZ
  • OS:Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • RAM:4GB