Jazler Spycorder 2 is the ultimate tool for a radio station after its radio automation. It is its gate to the internet, its 24 hour logging recorder and much more!

Encode and Broadcast to the internet
Encodes and broadcasts your audio to the internet 24/7 with 5 different available encoders that can encode into MP3/WMA or uncompressed WAV for ultimate quality. The encoders can work in either server or shoutcast mode.

No audio Alert!

Alerts you if no audio is present. Alerts can be shown on your screen, sent to you via e-mail, or can execute a specific URL.

Password protected

Provides a lock password so nobody unauthorized can change settings.

Weekly recording schedule

The weekly recording schedule can also have titles for the radio zones, so you can easily find the recorded slot you want from windows explorer.

Try SpyCorder now

Try it for free . Demo version has some restrictions such as works only for 2hours and max encoding is up to 92kbps and has only 1 streamer available.

upload your shows as podcasts to your website

Schedule audio recordings

You can select for each hour of the week the encoding profile nice and easy. If you have a daily show you can change it quickly by changing the profile! Copy one day to another, so you don’t have to repeat the process again.

record & stream your station


  • CPU:2GhZ +
  • OS:Windows 7, 8, 10, 11
  • RAM:4GB +