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Jazler RadioStar

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Enhanced User Interface
Has also 64bit version
Audio playback
Multiple soundcards ✔ Yes, needs restart.
Does not need soundcard to operate
32bit Sound Processing
ASIO Playback
A-B Output Interchange Play interchangeably on your mixers faders each track
Supports Winamp Plugins DSP
Supports VST Plugins
Studio screen
Multiple simultaneous studios on one database
Secondary studio screen customizable second screen with your preferred panels
Multiple styles for track viewing in studio change between various views with a single right click
Customizable studio panelschoose among several panels ✔ ( more to come )
Live audio file integrity check
Drag and drop Drag and drop files as direct files from your desktop directly to studio
Live Microphone Input
Microsoft Access ✔ installed locally with the studio
Microsoft SQL Server based database robust database, can be installed anywhere in the network
Dedicated Songs libary
Dedicated Spots / Commercials libary
Dedicated Jingles libary
Dedicated Voice Tracks libary
Dedicated Sweepers libary
Dedicated Assets libary ✔ called Events
Memos include text memos in playlists
Tracks support Fade-IN
Tracks support Outro point
Album artwork support
Internet Updater ✔ HTTP GET/POST ✔ only xml files through ftp
Tune-In Update Plugin
Upload song artwork
RDS with RT ✔ Full Support and RT+ Only song announcement
Rebroadcast ✔ Unlimited Sources and backup sources 3 Line In & 3 Internet
Rebroadcast SyncSynchronize commercial breaks among Jazler stations — ( Under construction )
Rebroadcast Source Titles rebroadcast source’s feed metadata
Log/24hour playlist creator & editor Generate airplay for the next 24hour, knowing now what will be broadcasted precisely
Song Selection Rules Create rules for the next tracks
Song Selection – Avoid same song played yesterday, or x days before, the same hour
Playlist Import Import playlists generated from external playlisting software ✔ 10x faster
Drag and drop editing Playlist editing with drag and drop
Log Viewer
Encoding / Streaming
Embedded streaming encoders Encode and stream to several streaming servers without the need of external software
Users & security Assign specific permissions to users

Next generation system Solid & Reliable playout


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